5 ways to keep a good credit score

You may have heard that a higher credit score can help to get a loan at more favorable rates. But is there any way to improve your credit score? Well yes! Here are five credit-boosting tips.

  1. Paying bills on time

One of the fundamental ways which can help you earn a good credit score is to pay your bills before the due date. Turn on the automatic payment mode of your bank account to help you pay on time, but ensure that you have enough money in your account to evade overdraft fees. According to the study of Wells Fargo, your payment history makes up the most prominent part—35 percent—of your credit score. Even minor slip-ups can lower your score by a lot. Missed or late payments can affect your credit score for up to seven years; to avoid this issue, become a member of the 720plus.club and get updates about how to maintain due payments and credit reports every month through expert coaching.

  • Keep your credit utilization low

The second factor that is crucial in determining your credit score is how much you’re using out of your available credit. That’s the credit rate of utilization. Lenders may view you as more likely to default if the rate is high—meaning you’re close to hitting your credit limits. It isn’t a bad thing to use a credit card, but not keeping your debt manageable is. So, paying your credit card bills on time is the best practice you can do to keep your balances low. Know your credit utilization rate and the right way to manage debts by becoming a member of the 720plus.club, a good solution to your bad credit.

  • Check Your outstanding debts

It is crucial to stay vigilant and aware of your credit situation. Keep a close eye on your outstanding debts or acquire expert assistance to closely examine your bad debts by becoming a member of the 720plus.club. Many scoring models compare the amount of debt you have and your credit limits. It might have a negative effect on your score if the amount you owe is close to your credit limit.

  • Don’t close old accounts

A more extended credit history means a higher score. If you close old cards, you are lowering the average age of your accounts. Keep all your older credit cards active, and consider making small, recurring purchases on them, such as streaming service subscriptions. Before opening new accounts, think twice since they lower your average account age.

  • Hiring A credit consulting company

If you find managing a good credit score a daunting task, consider engaging yourself with 720plus.club, a place filled with a bunch of expert credit management consultants with a proven track record that helps you handle the details of fixing credit scores in the right way. Why spend your personal time struggling with credit problems when you can unlock unlimited benefits by being our member?

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